Offer For Young People

Youth is a vital asset to all country since they are comprised of a major driving force for development in all societies. What will happen if their financial needs remain unmet? Who will take the responsibilities for their future and their living conditions?

Realizing these critical issues, cmk wants to empower youth through financial means and help manage their savings for future plans while at same time letting them enjoying life.

Look no further! At cmk, we offer multiple products aimed at serving young people as follows:

1. Youth Special Savings Account

Young people nowadays spend money impulsively, and this will cost them financial risks. When unexpected expenses like car repairs or doctor bills happen, they go to  borrow  their  friends  or family’s  money.

Why not grow your money with cmk Youth Savings Account? You can have a sense of security, allocate  the savings  for emergency needs, and at the same time increase the revenue.

Always make smart decision with your money. cmk  will help you get into the habit of building a healthy financial plan!


  • Available  in Riel or US dollar.
  • No monthly fee or monthly maintenance  fee for savings account.
  • Deposit, withdraw and check balance at anytime.
  • Interest 4% per year.

How to open Youth Special Savings  Account?

  • Visit one of the nearest cmk branches.
  • Bring along valid identity card, passport or family book.

This savings  account is only available  to people aged 16 to 25.


2. Entering Working Life Loan

Want to get the most out of your life despite just starting first job? cmk has financing solutions for the way you live. Anything you desire ─ from a motor bike of your dream to an apartment of your choice. We cater to all your needs.

With low interest rate of 0.70% per month, there is no reason you should not get this loan.

To be qualified: 

  • Only first-time borrowers with professional life.
  • For age 18-25 only.
  • Limited  consumption products (Personal needs, household  equipment,  electronic  devices,..)
  • No collateral but original purchase invoice  needed.
  • Parents or guardians  are encouraged to participate.


  • cmk staff offer advice and guidance  at your disposal.
  • Free choice of currency between KHR and US dollar.
  • A competitive  interest rate, calculated  based on amortizing balance method.
  • You can make a repayment from any branches of the cmk Network in Cambodia.
  • Flexible loan duration and repayment plans that fit requirements.


3. Student Loan

Access to education is of great importance. Unfortunately, many young people are facing significant economic struggles, making them drop out of school at early age. cmk figures out the approach to offering loans directed to those who want to seek tertiary education.

With cmk, finance should no longer be your main concern…

Be it bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or vocational training! cmk, on your behalf, could cover tuition fees. All you need to do is study hard and loan amount provided will be based on your academic performance. Sound interesting, right?

Product features 

  • Interest rate 0.9% per month.
  • Only academic performances are into account.

Payment methods 

  1. Pay nothing during the period of study and start reimburse only once you find a job.
  2. Pay only interest during the period of study.
  3. Pay both capital and interest immediately.

The Student Loan is made available students from all institutions  and universities  in Cambodia.

For further information,  please visit the nearest branch or contact us via: 077 400 335.


4. Wedding Savings Plan

A wedding event is a joyous moment, celebrating an exciting step in life  and creating memories with family and friends  that you won’t ever forget. The wedding costs are still high, even excluding the honeymoon.  You missed the best time of your life just because you did not have enough money of your own.

Throw away these worries! cmk is there for you.

How does Wedding Savings Plan work?

  • Go to one of our 19 branches and open a savings account.
  • cmk staff will prepare several scenarios for you to select in terms of monthly deposit and duration to fit you needs (between 6 and 36 months).
  • At the maturity of your Savings  Plan, you will receive both your capital plus interest up to 6.00% per year.
  • Your money always remains  available  and you can withdraw it at any time without  any penalty.


  • Reserve a full right to get Wedding Loan
  • Increasing capital for future wedding.
  • Building capacity to get loans from cmk when needed.

*We always think about your well-being and find ways to help you overcome financial  problems.


5. cmk Card

Want  a  card  exclusively  for  members?  Not  a  typical card  but  a  cmk  card  that  can serve  all purposes and can be used in a branch network to all provinces and towns.

What are the things cmk cards can do for you?

  • Withdraw cash from your savings  at any time.
  • Check balance and deposit money at your disposal.
  • Convenience  and high security  of any transaction.