Why Join Us?

From a glance, Crédit Mutuel Kampuchea (CMK) is identical to other banks or MFI in term of financial services and security. But at a closer look, there are great advantages between CMK and the others:

  • “Member” instead of “customer”. CMK is owned and governed by its members! Members are involved in the financial process and overall development of the organization.
  • Solidarity: members who save assist members who need loans. The entire community has thus access to financial services based on the spirit of solidarity.
  • A non-profit institution. Funds generated are reinvested to expand CMK’s activities and to offer premium services to its members.
  • Best interest rates for savings and loans. Since the members are the shareholders, CMK offers to its members the most advantageous rates.
  • The best price for financial services. CMK offers a full array of financial services at a lower price.

Opportunities for involvement

As a CMK member, you have the opportunity to join the Board of Directors (BOD) of your branch. At each annual meeting, representatives are selected by the branch members. If chosen, one would serve a three year term representing the other members. Responsibilities include:

  • Uphold the values of CMK
  • Work on a voluntary basis for the improvement of the structure
  • Involvement in decision-making, especially in credit granting for the credit committee
  • Receive specific training to carry out the role

Financial freedom: the benefits of CMK membership

  • Improve your living standard through secure savings
  • You have full access to financial services, savings, loans, salary advances, money transfers, payroll services etc.
  • The staff is highly educated, well trained, and ready to serve your needs
  • By saving at Crédit Mutuel Kampuchea (CMK), you secure your capital and benefit from a high interest rate along with assisting in the development of Cambodia.

Requirements for membership

1. Individuals

Full Rights Member (over 18 years old)

  • 1 portrait photos (4×6)
  • ID Card or family book or birth certificate
  • Purchase one share of CMK : 8,000 KHR (refunded upon closing the account)

2. Institutions

  • Legal entity/ copies of registration
  • ID Card and 1 portrait photos (4×6) of representative
  • Purchase one share of CMK : 8,000 KHR (US$2) (refunded upon closing the account)

Our members include both individuals and institutions who enjoy the various services of CMK. With more than 100 institutions and 30,000 individual members across the country, CMK is the largest financial cooperative in Cambodia. These include market vendors, farmers, villagers, factory workers, students ​etc., especially those who are denied access to vital financial services.