Why Join Us?

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of credit options for businesses, individuals and students, and we deliver our products via a highly educated and professional team. We offer high interest rates on a variety of tailored savings plans and low interest rates on loans, fulfilling our pledge to make the banking sector accessible to all Cambodians while contributing to the development of the country.

As a cmk client, you will have the potential to improve your living standard with full access to our range of large and small loans, as well as financial services such as salary advances and cash transfers. We strive to give our clients every opportunity to join the Cambodian boom.

With our roots as a banking cooperative, we retain our communal values and are committed to solidarity and transparency. Today, our clients include more than 30,000 individuals from all social and economic backgrounds and more than 100 institutions.

At cmk, we believe that slick and competitive financial services are the key to driving Cambodia into a new era of prosperity and we are ready and willing to facilitate that.