With CMK’s loan

  • The light in the horizon after the clouds drift away during this Pchum Ben Festival
  • The black clouds of worry in of family financial problems will vanish thanks to CMK
  • The clear sky of sunny will shine upon due to CMK

Enjoy with our fast approval loan

How does it work?

  • Appoint with our CMK’s representative in any branch that close to you
  • Bring along with 2 photos of 4×6
  • ID card, family book/ resident book/ or birth certificate
  • Employment contract or salary slip (if any)
  • All related documentations

Benefits of Pchum Ben Loan

  • Two choices of reimbursement, either 12 months or 24 months
  • Pay off before maturity date
  • You do not need to tell us the purpose of the loan
  • On top of that, your loan is insured by our life guarantee fund (in case of death or disability, the loan will be written off automatically)


Amount Monthly reimbursement For 12 months (*)Monthly reimbursement For 24 months (*)

(*) The amount of reimbursements is included with contribution to life guarantee fund.

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Terms and Conditions applied.