Get a free gift from cmk by saving regularly to prepare your wedding!

Opening a Wedding Savings Plan is the best way to help you build your wedding budget little by little.

How does cmk help you build a happy wedding and married life?

With cmk’s savings product, you can benefit as the following:

  • Increasing capital for future wedding
  • Earning high interest
  • Having top security for your money
  • Building capacity to get loans from cmk when needed.

How does it work?

  • cmk staff will prepare several scenarios for you to select in terms of monthly deposit and duration to fit you needs (between 6 and 36 months)
  • At the maturity of your Savings Plan, you will receive both your principal plus interest up to 6.00% per year
  • Your money always remains available and you can withdraw it at any time without any penalty.

If you save $30 or 120 000 KHR per month:

TermInterest Rate in US$Capital Plus Interest Earned ($)Interest Rate in Riel (R)Capital Plus Interest Earned (Riel)
6 Months3.00%182.10 $3.50%727,350 Riels
12 Months3.50%366.82 $4.00%1,271,200 Riels
18 Months4.00%557.10 $4.50%2,236,950 Riels
24 Months4.50%753.75 $5.00%3,030,000 Riels
36 Months5.50%1,171.58 $6.00%4,719,600 Riels

We offer you a gift of US$1000! What are you waiting for?

With our Wedding Savings Plan, you are entitled to a right to have a Wedding Loan with cmk. This loan is offered specifically to those who have saved with us. Special loan interest rate is offered.

Ex: If you save $30 per month during 18 months on a WEDDING SAVINGS PLAN, you will have saved $557.27 (principal + interests) after 18 months. Then, you have acquired a “right to a Wedding Loan” up to $5,500 to finance your wedding (cmk multiply the amount of your savings per 10). Thanks to this advantageous Wedding Loan, you pay only 0.88% interests (instead of 1.50%).

Therefore, if you choose to borrow US$5,500 during 36 months, the cost of your credit will be only $1,210.53 (instead of $2,208.17 with a normal loan) and you will save almost $1,000 interests!!

Isn’t this amazing? 

For further details please contact one of our 19 branches which located near your home.

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