is an easy way to earn interest over a long period, even with a small amount of money:

  • Minimum deposit of $10 or 40 000 Riels
  • No fees for opening an account
  • No penalty for early withdrawal
  • Convenient to renew upon maturity
TermMinimum Balance Interest Rate per Annum Maximum Amount
Khmer (Riel) US Dollar Khmer (Riel) US Dollar Khmer (Riel) US Dollar
12 Months40,000103.50%3.00%No limitNo limit
18 Months40,000104.00%3.50%No limitNo limit
24 Months40,000104.50%4.00%No limitNo limit
36 Months40,000105.50%5.00%No limitNo limit
48 Months40,000106.50%6.00%No limitNo limit
60 Months40,000107.50%7.00%No limitNo limit

Requirement to apply with cmk :

  • Visit one of our 20 branches in your location
  • For Cambodian nationals: 1 photos (4×6) and one of the following:
    • ID Card
    • Passport
    • Family BooK
  • For foreign nationals: 1 photos (4×6) and passport.