cmk offer a MONTHLY ANNUITY TERM DEPOSIT with interest paid out monthly such as an allowance (or a pension) with the following conditions:

12 months2.90%3.40%
18 months3.40%3.90%
24 months3.90%4.40%
36 months4.90%5.40%
48 months5.90%6.40%
60 months6.40%6.90%

For example, with a US$50,000 deposit, the customer-member will get during the whole duration of his savings, a monthly fixed-term annuity of during:

Monthly InterestDuringAnnual rate
US$120.8312 months2.90%
US$141.6618 months3.40%
US$162.5624 months3.90%
US$204.1636 months4.90%
US$245.8348 months5.90%
US$266.6660 months6.40%

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It is easy to apply with cmk:

  • For Cambodian nationals: 1 photos (4×6) and one of the following:
  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Family Book
  • For foreign nationals: 1 photos (4×6) and passport.