cmk’s Savings Plan

  • Savings Passbook

    The cmk Savings Passbook is a convenient and simple method of saving and withdrawing your money any time you need it.

  • Savings Plan

    If you would like to save a fixed amount of money every month while getting interest at the same time, then our Savings Plan is the perfect option for you.

  • Term Deposit

    If you want to put an amount of money where it will be safe and earn interest, cmk’s Term Deposit is a convenient and competitive method.

  • Special Energy Term

    For savers looking for a secure and profitable place for sums up to $5,000, the Special Energy Term is made for you.

  • Solidarity Savings Plan

    Are you interested in supporting an underprivileged Cambodian child? Open a Solidarity Savings Plan in your name at cmk, and transactions on the account will require your signature until the child is 18 years old. This option is also available to parents and guardians looking to set up a savings plan for their children.

  • Wedding Savings Plan

    Want to get married but don’t not have the money? Start saving with our Wedding Savings Plan and cmk will provide a loan of 10 times of your savings to fulfill your dream.

  • Monthly Annuity Term Deposit

    Deposit an amount of money and then collect interest payments from it every month, like a pension allowance. The Monthly Annuity Term Deposit puts your money to work, for you.