cmk’s Savings Plan

  • Savings Passbook

    cmk’s Savings Passbook is a convenient, and simple method of saving and withdrawing your money at anytime when you need it.

  • Savings Plan

    If you have any goal for the future and would like to save every month with a fixed amount of money to reach your goal while getting interest at the same time, then Savings Plan will be a convenient choice for you.

  • Term Deposit

    If you wish to keep your money with you for a long period and at the same time you will earn interest even with a small amount of money, cmk will help you to achieve this goal. cmk’s Term Deposit is a convenient and simple method that you can choose with a special interest rate.

  • Special Energy Term

    As a wise saver, you may have any amount of capital and now you are looking for a secure and profitable place for your savings then The Special Energy Term is made for you.

  • Solidarity Savings Plan

    Are you interested in supporting an underprivileged Cambodian child? Open a Solidarity Saving Plan in your name at cmk, and this account will only work with your signature until the child is 18 years old.

    As a parents or guardian of children you would like to save money for your children, this Solidarity Savings Plan is made it easier for your savings, and this account only works with parents’ or guardians’ signature until the children are 18 years old.

  • Wedding Savings Plan

    Want to get married but you do not have money? start saving with cmk, even if you do not have enough money for your marriage, cmk will provide loan 10 times of your savings to fulfill your dream.

  • Monthly Annuity Term Deposit

    It is for people who has money and want to get interest every month like a pension allowance. This product allows member to have a one time deposit and getting interest in form of cash every month, he/she will be able to spend your interest income every month according to the amount of term. Let your money generate money every month for you.