CMK provides the other services such as:

Retirement savings for employees

This special Savings Plan is designed for those who wish to have money reserved when they resign or retired.

Payroll services

The most efficient and secure method to pay your employees.

Benefits for employer:

  • Save time and money in paying all employees’ salaries
  • Less need for large amounts of cash on hand
  • No more requests for loans and salary advances

Benefits for employees:

  • Salary is available in each account on the date requested
  • Cash is secure, no risk of theft or loss
  • Introduce your employees to CMK’s services such as Savings Plans, loan opportunities and salary advances
  • Not only saving time and money, but offers numerous benefits for your employees

It’s easy to apply with CMK:

  • Payment by cash,check, banking transfer or direct transfer between CMK’s accounts
  • Includes presentation to employees on CMK’s payroll transfer service
  • Easy to apply one page contract

Advance on Salary

Receive a part of your salary in advance to meet your needs at a low interest rate.

Money Transfer

Send and receive money to or from your relatives or anyone in the provinces or internationally.