Additional cmk Services

Employee retirement plan:

This special savings plan is designed for those looking to set aside money for when they resign or retire.

Payroll services:

The most efficient and secure method to pay your employees. Allow us to handle the burden.

Benefits for employer:

  • Save time and money
  • Keep less cash on hand
  • No more requests for loans and salary advances

Benefits for employees:

  • Salary is available on specified date
  • Cash is secure, no risk of theft or loss
  • Introduction to cmk services such as savings plans, loan opportunities and salary advances

It’s easy to apply:

  • Pay by cash, check, bank transfer or direct transfer between cmk accounts
  • Includes presentation to employees on cmk’s payroll transfer service
  • Simple, one-page contract

Salary Advance:

Receive part of your salary in advance at a low interest rate.

Money Transfer:

Send and receive money between friends or family in the provinces or overseas.