Student Loan

Want to study? No problem. With cmk, you can get a student loan NOW and start paying back only once you finish your study and get a job. Amazing, right?

The Student Loan is based on your merit and academic performances. So, all you need is to study hard, whether it’s your bachelor, master or vocational training.

We offer 3 ways of repaying the loan. You can choose to pay nothing before graduating, to pay only the interest during your studies, or to start repaying the loan immediately.

  • Duration: up to 7 years, can be flexible
  • Interest rate: only 0.9% per month
  • No collateral needed, only your academic performance is taken into account

 Three repayment methods:

  1. Pay nothing during your studies. After completing the course, begin monthly installment plan to repay the principal and the interest.
  2. Pay a monthly installment to reimburse the interest during your studies. Start reimbursing the principal on completion of course.
  3. Pay immediately a monthly installment to reimburse both the principal and the interest

For more information, please visit one of our 17 branches, or contact us on: 099​ 444 006