cmk offers many credit products to meet your requirements. Credit is based on the payment abilities. Loan duration starts from 1 month to 60 months. The charged interest rate varies from 0.83% per month, depending on the loan types. Repayment is on monthly basis and interest calculation is on remaining due capital, using the amortizing balance method.

Advance on Salary

Loan granted to members whose salary is directly deposited within the limit of 50% of the monthly salary. Advance on salary are due within 1 month.

Business Loan

cmk provides loan in both Riel and Dollar for any business purposes based on the capability of monthly reimbursement.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is for individuals to purchase items such as a motorbike, house equipment, tuition fees , etc

Quiet Loan

Designed for members who intend not to withdraw from their savings for any purpose. The loan amounts is up to the total savings.

Credit in Fine

An all-purpose loan repaid in full at one time (principal + interests) at the end of the contract. Well suited for agricultural purposes.

Debt Consolidation Loan

At cmk, we combine your credits into a single one credit. You can ease the burden of your family budget expenses and get extra money and increase your purchasing power.