md-cmkI am pleased to welcome you on Credit Mutuel Kampuchea’s website.

The main feature of a cooperative group is to place human beings at the very heart of its business model, and that’s exactly what CMK is doing and continues to prove year after year.

If this principle refers of course primarily to our shareholders, customers, savers or borrowers, it also equally concerns the employees of our company, who through their work and their commitment contribute to the full satisfaction of our customer-members.

In fact, at CMK, our clients are Members above all and that is what makes us different, and that is our strength  because of these 5 reasons:

  1. Crédit Mutuel Kampuchea belongs to its members

These are more than 30,000 members who own their capital in the form of shares. Unlike a traditional bank, surpluses are not distributed to shareholders but fully committed to the consolidation of equity.

  1. Each member can make his/her voice heard

Each member can participate in his/her branch‘s General Assembly. Each member has a voting right which allows him/her to make his/her voice heard on the main decisions and to choose his/her representatives.

  1. A local organization which you can have a close relationship

CMK is close to its members due to its organization. Members are represented by elected volunteered administrators. CMK is therefore always listening to its members in order to assist them every day in their different projects.

  1. The autonomy of the branches, a guarantee of high responsiveness

With a decentralized organization, most decisions are made locally. This organization is a guarantee of responsiveness and quality of service.

  1. The counselor favors the member’s interests

In your Branch, your counselor is not remunerated by commissions. He provides solutions for each stage of the member’s life and the advices he gives, in complete independence, have no other purpose than meeting the member’s needs and interest.

It is a philosophy and a set of values I am happy and proud to share with you, and I invite you to explore them further on this site or in one of our 20 branches in Cambodia.

I wish you all a good virtual tour!



Managing Director