For 14 years, Crédit Mutuel Kampuchea (cmk) has been building a reputation as the most trusted banking cooperative in Cambodia, amassing a base of more than 30,000 loyal clients from across all sectors of society and all corners of the country.

During that time, Crédit Mutuel Kampuchea (cmk)  has enjoyed a strong technical and financial partnership with Centre International du Credit Mutuel (CICM), a French association under the Credit Mutuel Foundation that controls all corporate activities of the major French bank Crédit Mutuel.

In 2018, we are moving beyond the non-profit model to become a fully-fledged, registered Cambodian enterprise, in order to keep pace with a rapidly developing economy, society, and investment landscape. We boast a strong and diverse management team with years of experience working together and the tools to lead us all toward a bright future.