Dear all Valued Customers,

Following the recent change regarding organizational structure of our company, CMK PLC., I would like to express my warm welcome and thanks to our existing customers who give trust on us since the beginning until now and I would like to insure you all that together we will bring this new company to the brightest future onward.

Since the foundation of Credit Mutuel Kampuchea in 2004, requested by the Government of Cambodia as a Credit Rural Operator, CMK has provided its services to more than 30.000 loyal customers and has developed its network to nearly 20 branches across the country. Thanks to its former General Director, Mr. Michel KINDBEITER, who sacrificed his time and energy during more than 8 years to lead this organization and bring it to a stable financial situation, now CMK has moved to another step.

Since April 2018 Credit Mutuel Kampuchea has transferred all its activities to new company named CMK PLC. which is a Microfinance Institution licensed by National Bank of Cambodia and registered at Ministry of Commerce. We also aim to become a commercial bank in the next few years and modernize our banking system to a new high level.

With our new perspective for the future, we continue to serve our customers and new prospective from all social-professional category with new means of banking services. Furthermore, with a better standard of management, our products and services will be more attractive and competitive with other banks and MFIs.

Last but not least, our current professional staff more than 100 employees will continue to work for this new company together to bring a better service to our loyal customers.

On behalf of CMK PLC team, I, Ms. LIU DAN, the Chief Executive Officer at CMK PLC. wish you all a great adventure with our organization.

Best regards,




Chief Executive Officer